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Client Service reflects in customer Satisfaction. For Tech-Accounting our customer satisfaction is the number one priority. We focus in each individaul customers and each idividual issue. We try to maintain a great realtionship with our clienteles providing a customer service above and beyond expectations.Yes, we are willing to walk two extra miles in order to achieve the ultimate goal, satisfaction. .

Services description

Multi User

User Roles Base. Application takes currents users Roles or adds custom new to users. Each user has only access to the permissions assigned to the Role.

Easy to Use

Easy yet Robust Functionality. Our application is very self-intuitive. Very little training and qualifications are needed to properly use the tools. Yet is a robust application that never breaks.

Cost effective

Organize and Save. .

Real time work

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  • File Maintenance

    Matter Openning Process. New and unique way to open matter and chekc for conflics. We walk with the user in the process of matter openning and updating existing matter. The users can enter all information in a new matter or update existing. This process manage, emails and approves parties and cases to be open by a firm. Price plans

  • Document Managment and Archiving

    Document Managment. Documents and Bills are store in a server for furthers searchs. Bills, Invoices and Cash receipts manageable at the click of the button.In addition bills can be search and archive.

    Price plans
  • Ebilling Managment

    New Ebilling Feature.Ebilling is not a . . In addition bills can be search and archive.. Nunc accumsan urna venenatis libero mollis sit amet lobortis tortor rutrum. Cras suscipit, velit ut porta pulvinar, mi enim congue massa, ac mattis mauris libero cursus ipsum.Price plans

  • Accounts Payable

    Check Request & Expense Reimbursement. Expense Reimbursement and Check Requests never have been easier. We have created two easy forms for the users to request Check and Reimbursement . In addition there is an easy way to pay generics bills such as lease and offices expenses.

    Price plans