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About. Tech-Accounting was founded in 2005 as a result of an integration project between Ellite, accounting software for law firms, and our custom application, Vitale. The application was created to allow easy and secure access to the attorneys, paralegals, legal assistant and administrative employees to communicate with the accounting staff while replacing paper forms that served that purpuose. Our team of highly trained software engineered and deployed an integration with Aderant (former CMS) in 2007. This release included a paperless Accounts Payable module showcasing Check Request and Expense Reimbursement modules. Our latest addition is the Document Imaging manager which closes the Accounts Payable cycle from start to end. The current plan is continue implementing applications to help our clients save money and resources at the same that allows management to have more control and visibility. We are currently working in projects such as Ebilling Gateway to allow our clients to setup, track, submit and collect electronic bills. Our goal is to continue develop software based on new technology, industry trends and the needs of our clients

VitaleThis application is the result of the need to simplify business processes. Paper forms are easily lost, require multiple data entries and are very time consuming. Vitale is a platform that replaces your existing paper forms with electronic forms which result in more efficient use of current resources. These electronic forms are managed by work flow system to route them through approval. Vitale is fully integrated with all major accounting software to allow you to upload data from one system to another without much effort. Vitale provides easy communication between Accounting Department and the end users.


Tech-Accounting's statement Tech-Accounting is proud to master two important worlds Technology and Accounting. We have a team of Accountants and Programmers who work side by side to provide the best possible solution to our clients. Our focus is to provide our clients with services and strategies to make their business more efficient. We are able to provide our clients with a range of practical accounting skills, Software Engineering and Design, Database Management, communication, and experience. We strive for the ultimate customer experience.